Thursday, April 16, 2009

Niche Marketing Success

By Michael Fleischner

Anyone who is interested in making a living online has heard about private label rights (PLR) articles and software solutions. The question is how you can use these products to improve online sales and enhance the value of your online offerings. A large number of marketers are already using PLR products to enhance their value and generate a large affiliate or product income.

When thinking about private label rights products and software packages, there are numerous options for reselling or repackaging these assets to support your online marketing initiatives. In this article I provide a number of ways that you can package and resell these products to create a continuous revenue stream.

Start by Creating Bundles of Niche Products. By bundling about related articles under a similar theme, you can focus your efforts on a profitable niche. To begin, assemble six or eight products on the same topic. Then, put on your marketing hat and create a compelling offer and be sure to package it under a new name. Once you have created the offering, decide on a price point that makes it attractive and is in line with competing products. Lastly, offer variable pricing levels based on the amount of right your provide (none, resale, or private label).

Create A Niche Membership Website. Develop a membership website around the products you have assembled. Then, distribute your product in the form of software or information through a membership website on a monthly. You should charge your audience a fee of only a few dollars to access this content. Depending on how unique it is, you could charge more. It only takes a handful of subscribers to get your business started. Then, you can focus on other niche areas with additional membership sites.

You can further build your membership with the help of private label products. Add resell rights for an additional fee or require individuals to upgrade their membership. You can even offer an exclusive option for the highest paying members.

Develop New Products. After finding a niche you can create unique products that meet the needs of your niche or audience. You will then have products that no one else is using and can create a one-of-a-kind offer. Creating your own product is a great way to have something unique to offer that users must purchase from you. The added benefit is that you can price your product above market value and distribute using varying levels of service.

A great way to promote your product is with a free white paper or exclusive report. When you distribute this report it helps to establish the value of your product and helps you promote at a very low cost. These giveaways provide value to reader and allows you to promote your product.

Using private label rights informational products or software to start making money online is a great way to supplement your income. Start by purchasing access to a private label rights website and then determine the best way to utilize your PLR content and software. Many individuals build their own businesses using this content others use software as an added bonus to sell their own products and services. No matter how you plan on using PLR content, there are a variety of ways to resell the content for profit.

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